HVAC Estimating Software Streamlines Workflow with Screen Takeoff

Posted by joseph damelio on Tue, Oct 4, 2011

HVAC Estimating Takeoff Software




New technology in HVAC Estimating Software for On-Screen Takeoff has enabled estimators to streamline the bidding process and collaborate on projects. It has helped in creating a paperless environment with greater access to project history. Wendes HVAC Estimating Software and Screen Takeoff is further enhanced with BlueBeam Revu PDF file conversion, Markup and drawing overlay. As drawing files are modified throughout the construction process it becomes essential to track projects and capture changes as they occur. BlueBeam Software allows the entire team to access and share drawing files to Markup changes and overlay modifications to highlight the changes in systems on the fly. Change orders may be calculated and displayed in alternate colors to visually display differences.     

On-Screen HVAC Estimating takeoff software eliminates the need for paper drawings by converting digital drawing files for on screen viewing and marking. The estimator is able to takeoff linear duct and pipe, fitting quantities, accessories, components, mark and color drawings, scale drawing, takeoff multiple pages of a drawing file and view specific floors, areas with a click of a computer mouse. On-Screen Takeoff provides an easy to use template and Screen Icons that perform all of the functions that would ordinarily be used with Digitizer Paper Takeoff.

All of the information gathered during On-Screen Takeoff is included in the HVAC Estimating Software and provides detailed takeoff data containing; Linear Duct/Pipe quantities, DUCT/Pipe Fitting quantities, Accessory Items, Labor Calculations, Material Quantities, Material Pricing and extensive detailed management concerning the systems takeoff.        

On-Screen Takeoff viewing is provided on a single monitor or dual monitor. In most cases one monitor displays takeoff information, templates and icons and the second monitor is used for display of the electronic drawing file. After completion of an On-Screen Takeoff markings and other information concerning the takeoff is preserved in an electronic file for future reference.  

To learn more about the many advantages and productivity gains with On-Screen HVAC Estimating Takeoff Software contact Wendes Systems for a web presentation and download a free trial of BlueBeam Software.







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