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Wendes Systems is committed to provide estimating professionals with accurate labor and material costs with fast takeoff and efficient HVAC Estimating Software technology. We are second to none with clients across North America who use our HVAC Estimating Software products and we are recognized as a trusted name in the industry. We started over thirty years ago training estimators with the Wendes Mechanical Estimating Training Manual with more than 20,000 copies in circulation today. We continue to lead the industry with the introduction of new and innovative Microsoft 64 bit HVAC Estimating Software technology designed to improve speed, takeoff efficiency that produce better results.  Our clients range in size from small startup contractors to large multi-office specialty contractors operating on computer networks sharing data and workflows.

Wendes Estimating Software for HVAC Ductwork Estimating, HVAC Mechanical, Piping and Plumbing Estimating is easy-to use, provides accurate labor cost and material pricing with fast on-screen estimating takeoff technology.  Our dedicated support team provides client training and is always available to answer your questions. Our estimators report that they are productive with the software after a couple of on-line training sessions. Experienced training specialists and a dedicated support team  are always available to help. 


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Our service engineers and software staff are always available to interact with you, computer to computer, over the internet to solve your questions quickly. The support team can take full control of your computer to help diagnose a problem. All team members are thoroughly trained, experienced and will answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

We are never more than a phone call away. We are available by phone or email to answer your questions. We provide live technical support from our office located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

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Download Our FREE Mechanical Estimating Manual

New Edited Edition of the Wendes Mechanical Estimating Manual with over 30,000 copies in circulation. The manual is  filled with valuable labor cost formulas, estimating how-to tools and detailed instructions to help build a successful estimate. 

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Accurate Estimates are CrucialWhether putting together an estimate for potential customers who are interested in your HVACfalse

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HVAC Takeoff Software will help you win bids by improving the accuracy of your labor and materials costs. Estimating softwarefalse

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HVAC Per Pound method and Per Piece Ductwork Estimating Process

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There are six important basic performance standards to start an estimate

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                     Wendes HVAC Sheet Metal  Labor Calculation


Wendes HVAC estimating software allows the estimator  to define duct  construction standards for rectangular, round and oval false

Improving Your..

Accurate HVAC..

         Accurate Material Pricing and Material Discounts

Accurate Calculation..

Wendes Labor..

We Are Often..

HVAC refers to an air system for heating and cooling in a commercial or residential building. The various components of HVACfalse

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