Accurate Estimates: The Cornerstone for Success

Posted by joseph damelio on Fri, Jan 10, 2020

Accurate Estimates are Crucial

Whether putting together an estimate for potential customers who are interested in your HVAC services, or calculating the overall requirements of a construction plan – precision outperforms guesswork every time. Accurate estimations are a crucial part of getting larger construction contracts because business owners and managers rely on cost projections when establishing the scope of a project, and smaller business customers appreciate estimations they can appropriately budget off of. If the plan starts off on the right foot, the whole process goes a lot smoother, mitigating potential problems before they happen and enabling decision makers with a robust starting point to make the most informed decision when those inevitable “Murphy’s Law” moments come about. That’s why accurate HVAC piping estimating is so important.

A Guess is Still a Guess

Even if it’s your best, or if it’s wild, without accurate calculations to substantiate the estimation, a guess is still a guess. Why waste time providing less than the most accurate HVAC piping estimating possible? Since time is also money, inaccuracies can be costly.

HVAC Piping Estimating Programs Help

One major consideration in any HVAC system is the piping. If you are still just ‘spit-balling’ approximate costs for HVAC piping, associated materials, and labor, the chances are higher that these estimations will be inaccurate, thus cost-ineffective. Technology has made things much easier, such as HVAC piping estimating software, making certain tasks more accurate and efficient. It is still important to have the right person with the knowledge, experience, and up-to-date regulations to provide the estimate. An HVAC piping estimation program significantly assists estimators in their precision and estimation, improving their accuracy and efficiency to ultimately improve your business’ profits.

With the right software, accurate estimates can be as easy as inputting measurements and selecting a comprehensive list of accurate, preloaded fitting requirements, labor costs, and material pricing lists available in the program. With all of these options available, the estimator using the HVAC piping estimating software doesn’t have to spend as much time figuring out and entering calculations, and thus can provide fast and precise requirements in the estimate report.

Accurate Estimates are Crucial (so important it gets repeated)

Although it may be painfully obvious to some, it should still be said - the better the estimation, the more accurate the materials order. Inaccurate estimates are essentially worthless to both the budgeter and the workers trying to accomplish the plan. Nobody wants to go over budget, and this causes decision makers later in the plan to look for places to cut and compromise. Accurate HVAC piping estimating can prevent this.

What to look for in good HVAC Piping Estimating Software

Some of the best HVAC piping estimating software, such as Wendes WenPipe, allows you to transfer your estimation parameters into computer assisted drafting (CAD), as well as accounting programs. Additionally, they are easily customizable, allowing you to modify variables, such as labor time and per-job costs, as well as specialized costs, potential equipment rental, and particular material costs, based on your regional and business needs.

Using an accurate HVAC piping estimating process from the earliest stages enables the budgeting and accounting throughout the process and, through reduced waste and better material accounting, quality and service can be of the highest standard throughout the build process.

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