Why You Should Use HVAC Takeoff Software

Posted by joseph damelio on Thu, Jan 9, 2020

HVAC Takeoff Software will help you win bids by improving the accuracy of your labor and materials costs. Estimating software will create an extensive database of your project history and can easily be modified as the scope and specifications for a project changes.

Using the software to help estimate the size of the job will help you get ahead of the competition because the HVAC software can lower the costs by reducing paperwork. Finally, the HVAC software also helps to eliminate errors in work completed, and that makes it easier to make changes as necessary.

Improved accuracy

You must include takeoffs in the bid, but the takeoffs can take a lot of time, and any errors can be costly. But it can be easier. By using HVAC Takeoff software, all you need to do is import a PDF file to use as the base. This will save hours of labor along with the costs of excess paperwork. With the HVAC software, the transfer of information is done on-screen. No paper.

Lowered costs

All the material and labor that is required to get the project completed depends on

the specified requirements—and that those requirements be completed to a standard. A detailed material listing, and the costs for labor, is part of the takeoff. Without the software, all those items, sometimes hundreds of thousands of items that go into the takeoff, must be estimated by manpower, and errors can be made. Errors result in a bid that is too low, or one that is too high. The problems here are obvious. With the HVAC Takeoff software, nothing will be overlooked, or incorrectly estimated.

No paperwork

Simply put, by using the HVAC Takeoff software, the PDF files are uploaded onto the screen and displayed there, and no paperwork is needed. That means that fewer errors will be made as all the labor and materials are listed per item by the software. Costs of the project are also shown clearly on the screen as the job progresses, and changes can be made if needed. The software includes a complete data file of items, summaries, and job totals that are included on the data sheets, so it makes it easier to follow the work being done, and the costs that are being spent.

By completing the projects with HVAC Takeoff software, things go very smoothly. It’s just easier. You can keep track the projects and keep them updated as they go. Paper-free is a much more efficient way.

You should be using HVAC Takeoff software because it saves time and labor, it reduces paperwork, and it increases the accuracy of the work that is being done. If you would like to find out more about how HVAC Takeoff Software can help you, contact Wendes to learn more about their estimating software.

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