Upgrade Descriptions

WenDuct Update Version 5.5
WenPipe Update Version 7.5D


  • Added ActiveX Excel Grand Totals interface
  • Added ability to calculate the scale from 2 digitized points
  • Added ability to select current matl setup when creating new system
  • Fixed takeoff trail viewing problem
  • Added an extensions grid to the WenPipe totals
  • Made extension grid a general preference
  • Created new screen takeoff that opens graphic files inside WenPipe
  • Improved the takeoff caching (general preference) functionality
  • Added general preference for warning if no price for item
  • Fixed down arrow problem going beyond last item in tables
  • Activated general preference to show table grid lines
  • Added general preference for checking for extra wenpipe program modules whenever program is opened
  • Fixed special items print function for multiple pages
  • Added PVDF High Purity Socket Fusion pipe and fittings to tables
  • Fixed job and system template functions
  • Added ability to use a USB key for licensing


  • Sped up the loading of price and labor tables
  • Added ability for program to read USB keys for transfer of licenses between computers
  • Sped up the totals extension editor to load and save faster


  • Redesigned the spec multiplier and discount window
  • Added a "Reset Heading Lengths" function under "Options"/"Headings"
  • Added automated web updating
  • Added general preference for no web updates


  • Updated spec menu window
  • Updated system types window
  • Created "Check For Program Updates" function (under "Help")
  • Added "Remove Unused Table Files" function under "Global Table Functions"
  • Made scale prompt appear for every new system created
  • Fixed the multiple job delete function


  • Fixed Length To Qty takeoff function
  • Fixed trenching table problems
  • Fixed "Multipliers And Discounts" function in the tables

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