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HVAC Estimating Software

Posted by joseph damelio on Fri, Sep 23, 2011

HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating Software 

Estimating is described as the process of approximating unknown parameters using measured and empirical data that has a random component. In the case of HVAC Estimating Software as it is relates to HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating, HVAC Mechanical Estimating and HVAC Piping Estimating the objective is to accurately calculate labor and materials based on measurable project specifications. The random component in estimating a project accurately involves detailing the many specifications for a project and applying the appropriate labor and material component.

HVAC Estimating Software attempts to capture all of the specifications in a project and apply   the measured labor and material component to the specifications. The formulas embed in the HVAC Estimating Software   calculate the labor and materials for every component  of the project specifications. HVAC Estimating Software providers have taken various approaches to accomplishing this task. As an example, Wendes HVAC Estimating Software applies labor and material calculations based on a per piece method of fabrication for HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating and unit calculation for HVAC Piping Estimating. The Per Piece and unit methodology break down the labor and material component into the smallest variable and provide  detailed information for each. Project Specifications are detailed in the software prior to estimating in order to provide a detailed calculation for the labor and material component. HVAC Estimating Software will also account for many prefernces  and conditions that are required in a project specification. Other factors such as uniques processes that are employed by the HVAC contractor are also considered.  HVAC Estimating Software is an accurate and effective tool in calculating the many specifications,methods and conditions used in fabricating complicated HVAC Ductwork systems used in commercial HVAC heating, cooling and ventilating systems.  A similar estimating process for calculating labor and materials may be applied to manual estimating with spreadsheets , however, capturing the many variations in specifications and conditions is complex and time consuming.        

Estimating is the cornerstone for the success of any company attempting to bid projects accurately and competitively. 

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Evaluating HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating Software

Posted by joseph damelio on Wed, Sep 21, 2011

HVAC Estimating Software 

Evaluating HVAC Estimating Software can be a difficult process. We recognize that every company has unique requirements in selecting the correct estimating software for their business. "Trial Estimating Software"  may help you to evaluate the best solution for your company.

Trial Estimating Software will allow you to deploy the application on projects that you bid and help you experience "real world" results.

 Begin the evaluation process by detrmining the most important features required for your company. Create a quick punchlist of features that you need to help sreamline your estimating process. Select reputable software providers for a presentation and direct the process by selecting the features that are meaningful to you. After selecting a prospective software provider request a "Full Use Software Trial Evaluation" before you make a purchase, this evaluation will validate the software performance and features you need.  The trial evaluation will provide hands on performance and an opportunity to experience the quality of training and technical support provided by the supplier. If you select reputable software providers they should be interested in long term relationships with their clients. 

Choosing the correct HVAC Estimating Software application is a long term committment and financial investment that is vital to the success of your company. Producing accurate and competitive labor and material estimates is the cornerstone for the success of every company engaged in bidding construction projects.       


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HVAC Estimating Software

Posted by joseph damelio on Tue, Sep 20, 2011

HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating 

HVAC Estimating Software is a vital tool for your company's success by helping to provide accurate and competitive labor and material estimates faster than traditional manual methods. The industry reports that the typical productivity gain using HVAC Estimating Software vs. manual methods is about three or four to one. In other words, an estimator armed with HVAC Sheet Metal or Piping Estimating Software can produce accurate and competitive estimates four times faster than an estimator performing estimates by hand. Productivity gains are only half the story when comparing methods. There are also other important factors such as  the ability to produce extensive detailed reports with each takeoff, conduct "what if calculations", quickly track "change orders" and modify an estimate when the scope of a project changes. Wendes software allows estimators to convert system and material types without re-entering information.

HVAC estimating software contains an extensive and detailed database of labor cost and material cost information. National Pricing services are included for mechanical estimating that that provide accurate national commodity pricing. Wendes systems labor database is derived from extensive per piece labor studies which were conducted over a twenty year period by founder Herb Wendes. The labor cost and material cost database contained in the HVAC estimating software may be adjusted to meet the unique methods and conditions of project specifications and practices employed by the HVAC Contractor. Factors such as regional labor rates and methodology are adjusted to produce highly accurate and detailed estimates for every region.  

HVAC Estimating Software will contribute to a paperless workflow by producing a software based database for every project, information  is easy to archive and retrieve. The software database provides an historical profile for projects with information concerning labor, materials,  job scope which is recorded in the software for every project takeoff. New technology in "On Screen Takeoff" now allows estimators to "takeoff projects" on the computer screen without the need for paper drawings or electronic digitizing boards. Digital drawing files may be viewed on-screen for takeoff and passed on to others coordinating a project.

To learn more about HVAC Estimating Software contact Wendes Systems, Inc. for a free consultation, presentation and "Bid Your Next Project On-Line" with the assistance of an experienced Wendes consultant. Whatever method you choose; Fast, Accurate and Competitive labor and material cost estimates are vital to your company's success.                  

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HVAC Sheet Metal Labor Calculations Are The Cornerstone

Posted by joseph damelio on Thu, Apr 15, 2010
                     Wendes HVAC Sheet Metal  Labor Calculation

The labor hours contained  in the Wendes  HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating Software labor tables are based on 20 years of detailed time and motion studies conducted by Herbert Wendes. Wendes labor estimating hours  have been refined and validated by feed back from many contractors across the nation. The Wendes HVAC labor hours are an accurate representation of industry average labor.

Wendes labor hours are based on a detailed  ‘Per Piece’ fabrication  methodology rather  than  ‘Lbs per Hour’. The  Per Piece  labor estimating process eliminates labor inaccuracy resulting from variations in  the  mix of individual types and sizes of ductwork contained in a project. The cost "per pound"  for individual pieces of ductwork changes based on variations in fitting types, straight duct  and  duct sizes contained in a project. Accurate labor hour calculations cannot effectively be correlated to actual time studies, cost records or labor rate mixtures when using  per pound methodology. Calculating labor hours using  per piece ductwork estimating  reduces  variations in cost per pound by calculating the detailed cost for labor associated with each size and type of ductwork in a  project.

The labor hours calculated in the Wendes estimating software are based on the production rate for a typical mechanic, of average competence and training, under average conditions, using standard equipment, tools,   motivation and supervision. In instances where variations in typical working conditions are experienced, Wendes labor correction factors or adjustments may be applied, at the estimators discretion.

Shop fabrication labor included Wendes  software includes  calculations for the following  additional labor. Shop  fabrication labor inc ludes labor for  unloading raw materials, blanking sheet stock, preparing shop lists, duct labeling,  fitting layout,manual or automated plasma cutting, seaming, forming, assembling, reinforcing and connections. A typical  12% labor hour idle time is applied to the total labor hours.

Field or installation labor includes distribution of ductwork,erection of scaffolds,handling of tools, layout of duct runs, cutting duct hangers and cleats, ductwork hanging time (including straight duct and fitting connections), labor time to remove  erection equipment,  clean up.A typical 15% labor idle time is applied to the total labor hours. Installation hours are based on the time it takes to erect complete duct runs as a batch and not as single pieces. Material handling labor and supervision labor are included with the shop and field hours.

Labor hours in the WenDuct program include all of the following operations in the percentages indicated:


Fabrication Time              Installation

Material Handling                         10%                                 12%  

Set Up                                              5% to 10%                    5% to 10%

Layout Time                                20% to 50%                    5% to10%

Actual Fabrication Time         5%  to 35%                          ------

Actual Installation Time              ----                              30% to50%

Idle Time (Non Productive)        12%                                 15%

Supervision                                         12%                             ------- 

Clean Up                                               5%                                    5%                                                                                                                                                                             



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