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Trial HVAC Mechanical, Plumbing and Sheet Metal Estimating Software

We recognize that every company has unique requirements in choosing the best estimating software solution for their business. Wendes specializes in all phases of HVAC Ductwork, Plumbing and Piping with Accurate Pre-Loaded Labor and Materials with On-Screen and Digitized Takeoff. Integration with Excel Spreadsheets and CAD Systems provide cross platform data transfer to easily track changes in labor, materials throughout the construction process. Wendes Estimating Software is designed to meet the demanding requirements for accurate labor and material cost estimates. We know thatPlumbing and Mechanical Estimators need access to a vast database of materials and assemblies to prepare fast and efficient bids. Wendes software comes pre-loaded with the largest data base of items in the industry.

Wendes Trial Estimating Software will allow you to deploy  Wendes Estimating Software on projects to experience valid "real world" results. Trial Estimating Software includes  training and technical support to assure your success. Complete the "contact us" information and we will contact you to answer questions and deliver your trial software.

Wendes understands you have special software needs for estimating with Autocad MEP and other CAD systems that's why we have tailored the best solution to produce faster, more accurate bids for HVAC Mechanical Estimating, HVAC Plumbing Estimating, HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating

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 Wendes Estimating Software Designed To Meet The Demanding Requirements For Accurate Labor and Material Cost Estimates 

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               Reduce Estimating Time by 30%

               Bid more work accurately in less time

               Share plans on-line with screen takeoff
               Excel integration for easy customization
               Rapid return on  investment

   On-Screen Presentation!  

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Wendes Software will improve efficiency with the industry's leading  solution for fast, accurate, HVAC estimating and bid management.

Wendes Screen Takeoff Software is designed  to meet the demanding requirements for preparing accurate labor and material cost estimates.We recognize there is "no-one-size-fits-all-solution", your decision in choosing an estimating system is specific to your business. Evaluate the benefits of our best-in-class cost estimating software during an informative on-screen presentation and experience improved  estimating results.You will quickly recognize the value in working with Wendes Estimating.

For more detailed information contact us:

Telephone 847-808-8371

Screen Takeoff Presentation

 Join us for a presentation of the latest On-Screen takeoff technology. Import electronic drawings with Bluebeam Revu, share documents and takeoff on your desktop or field devices. Complete the contact us form for a  presentation. Download your free Bluebeam Revu Software on the Wendes home page.

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  Wendes Systems, Inc.     1130 Lake Cook Road Buffalo Suite 185 Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089 Tel: 847-808-8371

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 Screen Takeoff and  BlueBeam Software 

"I am using Bluebeam to mark up mechanical, plumbing and sheet metal drawings. I color and code these drawings as well as make comments on them. I also convert different types of file formats back and forth with Revu. It was a real stroke of luck that I stumbled across Bluebeam. We were at our wit's end trying to find a program that fit our needs".
Greg Glendenning, Field Superintendent

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Wendes HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating Software with Screen Takeoff

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WenDuct HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating Software covers all aspects of light gauge, heavy gauge commercial, and industrial sheet metal. Wendes cost estimating includes accurate-pre-loaded labor and material based on twenty five years of accurate per piece labor studies . The software includes the widest selection of pre-loaded fittings, accessories, equipment and materials.

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Share your drawings and revisions from the field

Screen Takeoff Presentation  


Wendes Mechanical Estimating

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New “Wendes Screen Takeoff” provides digitized takeoff without the need for paper drawings. Bluebeam Revu provides PDF- based markup and collaboration. Download your free trial version of Bluebeam Revu.

The takeoff screen is clear and easy to follow and may be viewed on a single or dual monitor system. Import construction  drawings from digital files,use Bluebeam Revu to share, edit and markup drawings.  Takeoff tools include labor, materials with a complete selection of Duct, Pipe, Equipment and Accessories. A "navigation" screen provides a full view of the entire drawing for,zooming and scrolling. The drawing area is outlined on the "Navigation Screen" as you you zoom in on a specific area of the drawing. Convert PDF file, Edit, markup and share drawings with Blubeam Revu.  View a presentation On-Line to learn more


"A few years ago, we upgraded to the on-screen version of the software because of all the paper costs we were incurring. Wendes has been great helping us adapt and implement their software into our hardware and various other requests and requirements. I would highly recommend their software to anybody who wants and needs to get through projects quickly and profitably."

Bid A Project On-LIne    

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WenPipe Labor and Cost Estimating includes all phases of HVAC Piping, Plumbing, Refrigeration, Mechanical Piping, Process Piping, Sprinkler, Fire Protection, Waste Water and Insulation.

An extensive database of assemblies, materials, fittings, valves and pipe is preloaded. Accurate shop and field labor is pre-loaded and fully customizable to reflect regional and individual project specifications. Up-To-Date accurate material pricing is maintained with national pricing services.

Wendes HVAC Estimating Manual

HVAC Estimating Instruction Manual For Sheet Metal, Piping, Plumbing,Process Piping and Mechanical Estimating


New Edited Edition Mechanical Estimating Manual 30,000 copies in circulation 

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