Press Release

autodesk partner program

Autodesk Alliance Partners exchange engineering design data to reduce the cost of building design, speed project completion, and improve model accuracy with AutoCAD® MEP software and industry-leading third-party software.

Using AutoCAD MEP alongside our Alliance Partners’ applications helps you:

  • Reduce the costs of building design and whole-building energy analysis, thus increasing project profit
  • Speed time to project completion, minimizing time-consuming plan analysis and takeoffs
  • Improve model accuracy by sharing digital design data with engineering programs
  • Identify appropriate equipment early in the building design cycle
  • Boost productivity by streamlining design and improving precision of calculations
  • Verify designs early on, helping eliminate costly errors later

Lindab CADvent
An established market leader in circular duct systems, Lindab offers a comprehensive product range with unique technical solutions and both HVAC content and ventilation expertise. Its duct systems, silencers, dampers, and diffusers have been modeled to produce numerous parts within AutoCAD MEP. Through its integrated CADvent module, Lindab provides functionality for both design engineers and installation contractors. The CADvent module equips designers with the tools to easily perform product selection and duct sizing according to standard methods. It also helps in calculating flow leakage, pressure loss, pressure balance, and sound levels. For contractors, this solution simplifies quantification and presentation of complete HVAC installations.

Trane TRACE 700 and VariTrane Duct Designer
A leading provider of indoor comfort systems and comprehensive facility solutions, Trane offers engineers access to AutoCAD MEP models from its analysis and design applications. Use TRACE™ 700 to calculate heating and cooling loads, and use VariTrane™ Duct Designer to size duct systems using equal friction or static regain methods. Through standard file formats gbXML and ddXML, both applications streamline duct design and building analysis while improving precision of calculations, by importing AutoCAD MEP design data.

Elite Software Ductsize and FIRE
A leader in design software for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection, Elite Software gives engineers access to AutoCAD MEP models, from HVAC duct sizing to fire protection analysis solutions. Use Elite’s Ductsize program to size duct systems using equal friction or static regain methods, and its FIRE program for hydraulic calculations required by NFPA 13 (1996 edition). Through the ActiveX® API of AutoCAD MEP, Elite Software lets users pull design data from the AutoCAD MEP models inside Ductsize and FIRE.

Wendes WenPipe and WenDuct
Wendes Systems, Inc. gives engineers the ability to import engineering design data from an AutoCAD MEP model for sheet metal, piping, plumbing, and mechanical cost estimating. Wendes estimating software imports the data and uses it to generate a comprehensive labor and materials estimate, eliminating manual data entry and the potential for error.